How can I contribute funding to your project? 

  • Please go to either the GLOBLOG or the Shop page and click the yellow DONATE button. Also, you rock.

Can I buy a GLOBALL or the Rover?

  • The GLOBALL Rover is not for sale. It’s not in the spirit of the project.

What if I donate $XYZ amount of dollars to your project? Can I have one then?

  • No.

What if someone keeps a GLOBALL/burns it/loses it/carves their initials into it/destroys it/etc?

  • There are no rules to GLOBALL except that it cannot be mailed or sold. If people want to “do things” to them, then that’s the story of the ball.

Is there a time limit to the project? When will it end?

  • There is no time limit to GLOBALL Rover and it will continue until no one passes the ball or it returns to us. It is our dream to be in a eatery in Casablanca or an art gallery in Tokyo or an ice cream stand in Sydney in ten years and see someone pass a GLOBALL to a friend. That would be a success story for sure!

Where did the idea for GLOBALL come from?

  • There is no one place of inspiration or “eureka” moment with GLOBALL. It’s a combination of every art project Oliver has ever worked on. Oliver originally thought of it in 2008 and had to shelf it for a few years. It was reborn in 2012. Rover was launched in 2017.

Was the idea inspired by Flat Stanley or the carrying of the Olympic torch?

  • "Sadly, no. I created the idea for this project originally in 2008 and brought it back in 2012, a year before I heard of Stanley. I do like the idea of it, and the comparison to the carrying of the Olympic Torch. Connectivity is everywhere and people have been using it in forms like chain letters, book clubs, pen pals, student exchange programs and the like my whole life." - Oliver

Are you interested in working with corporations, either to make the project or promote it once it’s finished?

  • In order to keep the project’s artistic integrity, we don’t think it would be in the spirit of GLOBALL to work with a corporation unless they wanted zero promotion and zero compensation and shared our core values entirely. GLOBALL is not above corporate involvement, just outside of it.

What do you get out of this?

  • We will have the privilege of spreading an idea of connectivity, meaning and friendship around the world through the experience of art.