Seventh Recipient of the GLOBALL Rover.

14:05 PST, 12/10/18, Tokyo, Japan, Asia

1. Tell us anything about yourself.

It’s me Netra from Nepal and living in japan since April 2014 now I finished my college and searching for job. I like to travel, sport, watch movie and spend time with friend. I dont have that much big wish I just want to make my family happy.

2. How did it feel to receive the GLOBALL Rover from Robin?

I feel happy to be member of this team I don’t know everything but I only know this is unique way to connect people from various field and hope know many thing later.

3. Who are you giving the GLOBALL Rover to and why?

I want to give this ball to the people from different reason and different culture which help us to connect to various people.

4. Tell us something about them or how you met.

I dont know yet

5. What does the GLOBALL project mean to you?

I wrote everything I know about this ball and hope know more in upcoming days