The 5th recipient brings the GLOBALL Rover back to Tokyo!

The 5th recipient brings the GLOBALL Rover back to Tokyo!

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Fifth Recipient of the GLOBALL Rover.

06:50 PST, 08/13/18, Tokyo, Japan, Asia

1. Tell us anything about yourself

I am from Shinjyuku, Tokyo, Japan. 

I am working at shipping agency and in charge of exporting to Taiwan. I ship cargoes to Taiwan every day but I never visit there, so it would be great if the ball reached to Taiwan.

I start to read novels recently, and now am reading Jane Austen's English author in 18-19th century. My major was English literature in university, and knew her in one class. I inspired by the 'The Jane Austen Book Club' movie and novel as well.

2. How did it feel to receive the GLOBALL Rover from Masaki?

I feel exciting because the ball will go to all over the world, most of the places where I have never been to.

3. Who are you giving the GLOBALL Rover to and why?

I am going to hand the ball to my Nepalese husband, whom I got married two years ago.

4. Tell us something about them or how you met.

We have met through common friend. He have lived in Japan for thirteen years, and speaks Japanese, English and Hindi very well.

5. What does the GLOBALL project mean to you?

For me, GLOBALL means likes part of my journey. It might go somewhere I would like to be. Such as to the Philippines, England, Taiwan and Nepal.