It was a few years ago that I met Rachel Sussman. An artist, traveler and thinker, Rachel was in the throes of making one of the best projects I’ve ever heard of.


She was photographing the Oldest Living Things in the World (OLTW). 

Currently, she is finally putting the cap on her eight year adventure. With each trip she sought out various plant life that has been around for more than 2,000 years and photographed it with the intention of bringing art, science and philosophy together. On her journey, she has visited every continent and has let the world know about her amazing work through speaking at TED, and The Long Now Foundation and has been featured in a gillion articles, websites and blogs including CNNSmithsonian Magazine and io9


I strongly recommend checking out her work at www.rachelsussman.com, I think you’ll find it as inspiring as I do. Rumor has it a book is in the works for Fall of 2014!

Side note: On her last trip to Antartica she asked if anyone from the research vessel would like to join her as she zoomed over to a neighboring island. Who raised his hand? None other than Peter Hillary, Sir Edmund Hillary’s son. Not a bad traveling companion ; ) 

Rachel has graciously offered her work to the GLOBALL campaign and you can see all fourprints here.