It was late last year that I officially became a “booth dude” (my term). It was for a supercute company called Craftspring. Created by my buddy Anne Py, Craftspring makes and sells cute little ornaments, stuffed animals and thingies, all made out of felted wool, which are sourced and created in Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia. I was happy to be able to sell these things because like all well designed and perfectly made crafts, they sold themselves. It was downright easy! The other cool thing is that they were all made in the spirit of fair trade. Anne won a fellowship to study small businesses by women in Asia several years ago and met all the women she now works with. Those women, who are amazing artisans and crafts people, work throughout the year making the best, most adorable things you’ve ever seen. Every summer, Anne returns to Kyrgyzstan and works with them for four months. It’s kind of amazing. I found the whole thing inspiring and wanted to capture some of its spirit with GLOBALL. Check out their goods at


Side note: I am lucky in that Anne suggested we make a GLOBALL ornament. WooT! They and many other perks are available at indieGoGo right now!