2015 was TOUGH. I heard it was tough for everyone. It was also tough on GLOBALL. I did get a lot done, A LOT. The first prototype ball, finished. The pitch packet, executed. The travel case, nearly done too. I got a template, several in fact, ready for the future GLOBALL website and got the website for my other artwork done as well. I also met some amazing people and even had a few truly mind blowing revelations. The “export” letter from the USDA, received. The prototype ball made it to San Fran and back, with only one stop by the TSA - and cleared. I even got a special gift of inspiration. But for every accomplishment, a set-back.

I didn’t meet with the gallery that I had been organizing a meeting with for over a year - they pulled out. I didn’t meet the patrons that I was hoping to. And I didn’t get the grant that GLOBALL was so perfectly suited for. In other words, I didn’t get the money to really start going into production. What to do next?

Keep at it. Get back to work. But this year I also promise to do something I sorely lacked in in 2015. I promise to keep you guys more in the loop. My friend from back home visited NYC and reminded me of something: the process is interesting. The steps along the journey help us all to understand what it takes to pull off something bigger than yourself. Those stories are the first stories of the connectivity of GLOBALL. They are the first network and they involve all of you.

See you more in 2016. This might just be the year we make a work of art the size of the world.