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Fourth Recipient of the GLOBALL Rover.

13:48 PST, 05/26/18, Yokohama, Japan, Asia

1. Tell us anything about yourself

I’m YUE living in Yokohama, Japan. I received this ball from my fan-work friend Masaki! First, we plan to go Chinatown to take photo and guiding the Wardens. However, because of some events for each, Masaki and I change the plan. Guess what we did??? The kindest saint Masaki visit my house to clean…. Because I’m the “compulsive hoarding".

2. How did it feel to receive the GLOBALL Rover from Masaki?

The ball is faaar heavier than I thought!!! I still can’t believe Masaki took photo as holding this ball by one hand. However, the beautiful painting and letters makes me happy.

3. Who are you giving the GLOBALL Rover to and why?

This project is interesting chance for me to join the world!!!

4. Tell us something about them or how you met.

She is always helping me. I really appreciate her.She is like my elder sister I think.

5. What does the GLOBALL project mean to you?

The answer for this question is similar for third. After leaving this ball from my hand I really interest where it will travel!!!